PROJECT SOL PART 3 : A Real-Time Ray-Tracing Cinematic





SOL is NVIDIA’s real-time cinematic project. Divided into 3 chapters. To read more about Part 1, about it please visit here


Just like SOL Part 1 and 2, the entire cinematic we created runs on Unreal 4 with real-time ray tracing.
The entire cinematic runs on a single Titan RTX or a 2080Ti.

The original idea of a shooting range confrontation spawned by an idea of our lead animator, Brian Robison. A lot of things clicked quickly and we got a nice vignette happening.
Sol, with a newly improved suit - is kind of a jock doing some cool tricks at the shooting range, thinking he’s cool and all- until Sol girl, the new heroine shows up, and shows him how to do some more serious tricks.

I did a bit less of design work myself for this SOL and focused almost entirely on art direction, managing the project as well as helping forge the direction of the story in conjunction with the rest of the team.

Once I established the direction and design language of the shooting range I worked with Gregor Kopka and Ilya Shelementsev - they executed the modeling and final set design.
Below are some renders where I did material and lighting work to show the direction and mood of the set

For this project I had the pleasure to bring on board world-renowned character artist, Phil Saunders. Phil designed the Iron-Man suit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe so it was an obvious choice to create a Mark 2 version of our suit. Phil worked with the original design from Cki Vang from the first two Sol cinematics and made the perfect Mark 2 design we needed.
The final character production model and texture was executed by NVIDIA’s lead character artist, Alessandro Baldasseroni. It was absolutely awesome to work with both of these artists and the talent was overflowing. Below you can see some renders from Arnold GPU - done by Alessandro.

And here is the heroine - Sol Girl !

Watch the full cinematic below.
The team pushed the bar higher than the other two cinematics and the outcome is great.