My name is Gavriil Klimov and I am the senior design and art director at NVIDIA.
I lead and manage a group of talented artists and designers at NVIDIA across multiple areas spanning from real-time graphics to robotics, automotive and marketing.

I graduated from Art Center College of Design with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. My time at Art Center was fantastic. Instructors and classmates provided the perfect environment to foster creativity and friendly competition and I have many fond memories of my time there. Upon graduating I started to work freelance or in-house for various companies like Activision Blizzard, MJZ, Kojima Productions, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros and many others.

I love teaching and sharing my experiences with students and fellow professionals; in 2013 and 2014 I spent some of my time teaching and doing workshops around the world, including Gnomon School of Visual Effects and Trojan Horse was a Unicorn.
I have worked in the movie, video-game, product and marketing industries and was fortunate to work on some remarkable projects.

After freelancing for NVIDIA for most of 2014, I joined full-time in 2015. Upon starting, I built a team of extraordinary artists and designers. We work closely with rendering, software and mechanical engineers to push the boundaries of real-time computer graphics, robotics and much more.




Art Center College of Design - Guest Speaker
Moscow Scream School - Master Class Lecture
CDA - Guest Speaker
Trojan Horse - Master Speaker 2014
Gnomon Online Master Classes - Master Class Instructor

Red Engine School of Design - Teacher
Photonic Playground - Solo Gallery Exhibition
Gnomon Gallery - Featured Gallery
Gnomon Workshop DVD Training - Instructor